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Hakhel was advised, in the name of Rabbi Shimshon Lonner, Shlita, that there are 19 weeks left until Rosh Hashana. The number 19, of course, brings to mind the 19 Brachos of Shemone Esrei. If we would attempt to put special Kavannos into one Bracha a week over the next 19 weeks, we will have infused our Shemone Esrei with special potency and power over this very same period.  Below you will find archives from this special initiative, with each page representing lessons from past weeks relating to each of the 19 Brachos.  At the bottom of each page is a link to the next Bracha and to the previous Bracha, as well as a link back to this page.

May our dedication to proper Tefillah not only save us from any pending or impending difficulties or situations--but also, as in the days of Mitzrayim bring us to Geulah--this time Geulah Sheleimah BeMeheirah Veyameinu!


1.  Avos


2.  Gevuros


3.  Atta Kadosh


4.  Atta Chonen


5.  Hashiveinu


6.  Selach Lanu


7.  Re'eh


8.  Refaeinu


9.  Barech Aleinu


10.  Teka BeShofar


11.  Hoshiva Shofteinu


12.  VeLamalshinim


13.  Al HaTzaddikim


14.  V'Li.rushalayim


15.  Es Tzemach Dovid


16.  Shema Koleinu


17.  Retzai


18.  Modim


19.  Sim Shalom


Elokai Netzor



For the entire Focus on Tefillah archive in one PDF file - please see this link